The following photographs show the beautiful views which can be enjoyed by visitors to The Withey Beds. Of course, its appearance changes seasonally, but whatever the time of year it remains an area of undisturbed beauty.

Image - photograph of boardwalk
The boardwalk through the beds, viewed in the evening sun.
© Richard Lee Photography

Image - photograph of dead trees
Dead trees stand tall and stark, with brooding storm clouds gathering in the distance. Dead trees like these provide a vital habitat for a range of wildlife.

Image - photograph of reeds growing in the wetland
Reeds growing in the wetland areas of The Withey Beds.

Image - photograph of the willow hide
This small hide is constructed entirely from living willow; its flexible shoots are easily coaxed into almost any shape.

Image - photograph of the willow hide entrance
The entrance to the willow hide.

Image - photograph of the pond in winter
The reserve’s pond viewed on a cold winter’s day; ponds encourage many different wildlife species.

Image - photograph of dense tree growth
Dense tree growth in the reserve.

Image - photograph of tree branches in the snow
Tree branches stretch out over the wetland, in winter white.